What are the Advantages of a Virtual Reception Service?

Virtual Reception Services offer multiple benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Real Cost Savings

A Virtual Reception Services only charges via call package. So you simply choose the call package that fits your business. Usually receive about 300 calls per month? Then take the call package for 300 calls. Its incredibly cost effective compared to employing your own receptionist. For example – a call plan  for 100 calls per month is only £95 (ex-VAT). Compare that to arranging your own employees to answer all the calls.

Better Customer Service

When you subscribe to our virtual receptionists service you’re subscribing to a service with a large team of expert UK based receptionists. So think about what that means. If there are suddenly lots of calls -if your business has peak times, it’s never problem because we have a team of professional receptionists to answer calls on behalf of your business. But if you only have one in-house receptionist – or even worse, you try to juggle the calls yourself, then expect to have a lot of unhappy callers. And because you’ve subscribed to a team, people take breaks, people take leave, but your callers will always be answered promptly – that’s what great customer service is all about. Being there for the customer. And it’s a given these days that first impressions are crucial. Be there for your customers when they call out of hours, if you are not available to answer their calls- your competitors will take the revenue.

What You Want When You Want it.

The key advantage of virtual business services is that you are leveraging global connectivity, you are taking advantage of technology. If you need calls to your business answered after hours or even on the weekend, it’s easy. Scale up or scale down. Pricing is simple and you are assured that every call will be answered by local receptionist experts on behalf of your company with just the right welcoming tone. That’s a huge advantage, a telephone answering service that is always available. There are no opaque long term contracts. No tricky extra costs. It’s really just the modern way to manage calls to your business. And what’s the value of knowing that your company will never miss a call. That’s priceless. Talk to us today, we’ll answer promptly and set up your service within the day.

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