Virtual Receptionist For Manchester Companies

Succeeding as a  Mancunian business owner means seizing every opportunity to save costs. A great Manchester virtual receptionist service will save costs and increase the revenue.

The best way to find a quality Manchester call answering service is firstly to define your requirements and then to choose the service that matches your needs:

  • How many calls do you expect to receive each month? 50 ? 100? 200?
  • Do you need calls answered out of hours? Do you want 24/7?
  • Do you want a free trial of the service before you commit?
  • Should the call answering service have a  good reputation with a long history serving the industry?
  • Are you sure there are no hidden fees, special deposits, set-up charges and no minimum long-term contracts?

Virtual Receptionist London matches all those questions – we tick all the boxes – and you can trial us for a week for free to see the proof.

And just to remind you about the difference between a virtual receptionist service and call centres  – they are not the same.

Your telephone answering service in Manchester is a personalized service, with highly trained local UK based receptionists who understand the local culture and economy and ensure they know your business and the products and services you sell.

A call centre on the other hand, is usually based overseas working for very large corporations and the staff are often poorly trained and unfamiliar with the nuances of local environments. Call centres also have high overheads and work on the basis of long term contracts – essentially answering large volumes of calls with general enquiries. A lot of call centres are being adapted to chat bots. There is a big difference.

Let’s also clearly outline all those benefits of a local phone answering service for a business in the second largest city in the UK.

Benefits of a local phone answering service in Manchester:

  • An answering service means that you can stop expecting your staff to take general enquiries. You didn’t employ your  key talent to make them work as receptionists and they’ll look for a better position if you treat them as an office dogsbody.
  • If you’ve decided to get rid of a leased office space and utilise a virtual office instead, with all your staff working remotely, then  a virtual reception can be the glue binding the business together, presenting a professional presence to all your callers, just the same as a reception foyer – only virtual.
  • Using your Manchester answering service means you’ve saved the cost of an in-house receptionist and that can be more than £ 25k plus benefits per annum. After Brexit and the Pandemic saving costs is critical – don’t carry any overheads that are not absolutely necessary.
  • Keep providing excellent customer service. Manchester is an intensely competitive city. If you are not answering calls promptly and professionally you are losing business.
  • Scalability. With a service from Virtual Receptionist London you have flexibility. Scale up your service to offer live phone answering on weekends  during special sales campaigns or add some after hours live answering to capture customers from other time zones -and market the service of LIVE personalised phone answering on your website.

Those are just some of the benefits. Once you are using our virtual receptionist service you’ll recognise many more. You’ve realised you need to implement a telephone answering service, now contact our expert service team.

Manchester is looking towards the next generation of business leaders. You know it’s always been a forward locking creative thinking city. Going virtual, whether with virtual receptionists, virtual offices or virtual assistants is all part of adapting to change and transforming to meet the future. Let us help you get there. Contact us today.

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