Virtual Receptionist For Leeds Companies

Cost Saving Tips For Managing a Small Business in Leeds.

You’re in the right place for a successful venture. Your small business is in one of the most dynamic commercial regions of the UK. The city is growing fast and it’s developed a good reputation for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The LEP is there to support local Leeds businesses just like yours and you’ve got a great pool of talented educated people in the city to utilise when you need to recruit.

So how can you further position your business in Leeds to give it the best chance of success? You have to change with the times, just as Leeds has done. This city hasn’t stopped re-inventing itself. Your business needs to do the same. Think about how you can save costs with virtual business services. Consider a Virtual Receptionist Service.

Now don’t think a Leeds virtual receptionist service would be just like a call centre tens of thousands of kilometres from Yorkshire. It isn’t. I am talking about a local call answering service for businesses in Leeds staffed with expert receptionists living here in the UK.

So how will a local Leeds telephone answering service save you money? Well you won’t have to employ your own  in-house receptionist – just forget that cost burden.

Alternatively, if you are constantly interrupting your work by answering every call, don’t you think that is costly? As a business owner the big job is to focus on the talent that you bring to your enterprise as an innovator, an entrepreneur, a business leader – don’t spend those credits on pretending to be a professional Loiner receptionist. Give it up.

So three things. Don’t employ an in-house receptionist. Don’t answer every phone call yourself. Make certain your business never misses a call.

These are the cost savings and business benefits from subscribing to a Leeds call answering service.

1. The average cost an experienced UK receptionist is £25K plus employee benefits and outfitting the reception space. And that’s just one person. You’ll also have to provide back-up on rest breaks, or when the receptionist is off sick or on annual leave. With a local call management service you don’t carry this cost.

2. Your virtual receptionist service will always answer calls promptly in a professional tone, using the same specific greeting you have outlined. Consistent professionalism.

3. You’ll never miss a call. You’ll have that certainty. And just one call could be the making of a great new revenue stream. Don’t miss that call.  

4. You’re branding your business as professional. You may think that you’ve got a great speaking voice but……… It’s smarter to go with the experts. And only answer those really important calls yourself – calls that truly need all your charm and charisma. What’s the cost of sounding amateur and letting a customer wait and wait and wait on the line?

5. Want to add some live call answering after hours to service new customers in other time zones? Not a problem. Just scale up your Leeds call answering service. Want to offer live customer service on weekends and public holidays for special promotions. Promote the live call answering it on your website and just tell us when you want it. What’s the cost of not providing excellent customer service?

Just talk to us here at Virtual Receptionist London and our expert service customer team will set up your service within minutes. This is what we’ll do.

  • Help you pick the call package that meets your requirements.
  • Ask you how you want your virtual reception  team to greet your callers.
  • Check when you want your business calls answered. Just business hours? After hours? Weekends?
  • Learn about your business – the services and/or products.
  • Understand the types of calls you receive to your business.
  • Document your instructions for prioritising calls – which calls should be transferred direct to you or your team.
  • Provide a free 1 week trial so you can  hear how good we are. No obligations at all.

Yorkshire’s largest city has got it all –  excellent transport links to the rest of the country and a proud commercial heart that supports cutting edge industry disruptors and classic high street traditionalists alike.

Give your business here in West Yorkshire the best chance of success by utilising virtual business services – and choose one of the very best providers in the UK – Virtual Receptionist London

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