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As a proud Liverpudlian business person, I know first-hand that running a local business in the beautiful city of Liverpool is not always easy. There are a myriad of tasks to be dealt with each day – but at the same time it is vital for us to be efficient and versatile to stay ahead in the game.  

An expert Liverpool telephone answering service greeting callers on behalf of your business will drive efficiency while saving costs and saving your precious business owner time. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, the world is now globally connected with digital technology. Business needs to realise what that means. Does it restrict us or does it free us from the conventional ways of the past? Let me tell you, this  is a huge change that will free up your enterprise to sharpen the strategic focus and be as ambitious you want. You can still be totally customer focussed, but virtual services like Liverpool virtual receptionists  are new tools to make your business even better at customer service than before.

Scousers are friendly and full of life? And running a small business Scousers want to talk to all our customers ourselves – but that’s not going to make us rich and successful. We need to save our precious time to focus on the key actions that will build our dreams – and answering every call yourself just gets in the way.

So believe me,  answering every telephone call yourself or expecting your staff to act as receptionists is not the best use of resources. I am supposing you’ve well and truly realised that a dedicated in-house receptionist on the payroll is an extravagance – but think also how wasteful it is to have you or your people working as receptionists.

Imagine only receiving  the telephone calls that are really important and all the other “stuff” is filtered out and will never bother you. Just think about the professional spirit that your team will have when they know that a business call for them is totally for them and them only because it has been filtered and professionally vetted. And then add in the comfortable knowledge that now with your professional call answering your Liverpool enterprise will never miss a call. Am I making sense? Can you see the benefits?

I guess now you are starting to think – but what does all this cost? How does a call package of 100 calls for £ 95 per month sound? There are lots of plans – there is sure to be one just for your business. Simply estimate how many calls you expect to receive each month and anything over that threshold will just be charged at £1 per call. That’s it. No other charges. No set-up fee. No deposit.

Now don’t go thinking ok it’s a good price  but its just a call centre somewhere overseas. You’re wrong. A virtual receptionist service is a local receptionist service. That means local UK receptionists. It means highly experienced receptionists who understand British culture and business.

Let me tell you a bit more about how they do it. They’ll ask you about your products and services and all about what your business does and they’ll document it for the team. They’ll ask about the general types of calls you expect each day. Then you need to tell your virtual reception service how you want all your calls answered – what greeting your virtual receptionist should use to welcome callers on behalf of your business. You can change the greeting any time you like just by using their call management software, and it’s really professional when you think about it – because every call will always be answered with exactly the same greeting.

Then as part of the setting up process, you should tell the service what sort of calls should be transferred straight through to you or your team. Then finally they will. See if you want emails or SMS for the summaries of every call. And don’t worry about presenting the right image to callers and understanding what people are calling about –  your Liverpool phone answering receptionists really know how to communicate with just the right tone and they’ll adapt according to the caller – remember this is their speciality, that is their talent – they are professional receptionists.

As a local business person myself, I can’t recommend this service enough. You can use your live Liverpool virtual reception whenever you want, it’s so versatile. Arrange for them to just take calls on Fridays, or after hours during the week when you know a lot of customers in different time-zones will have enquiries – or just use them on Saturday mornings if your business is open then. This is the beauty of the service, it’s there, ready and available when you need it. Having a big stock-take sale and expecting lots of enquiries during the clearance ? Just brief them and  use your virtual receptionist service to cope with all the extra calls.

Ok, that’s enough from me. Go out and get smart with a professional virtual reception from Virtual Receptionist London. Contact them today – they’ve been in the business for years.

*And remember there are also other virtual business services like virtual offices. That means you can be working from home but have a great business address in the Knowledge Quarter – but that’s a service I’ll you about next time.

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