Starting a new business is a great journey. First Step. Don’t answer all your calls!

Know what you are good at and stick to it. When you’re building a business it’s tempting to micro-manage, but it’s also exhausting and wasteful. Answering every phone call that comes into your new business might seem important, but is it really the best use of your talents? Yes, a few customers might be charmed by your friendly banter but can you keep it up all day, even when the phone interrupts a job quote? Don’t fool yourself. Don’t waste your time.

Keep your charm for the big calls that really matter. Use a Virtual Receptionist Service to filter and manage all your calls.

How does a virtual receptionist work?

A virtual receptionist service  is just like your own reception in a conventional office setting, and our expert receptionists will welcome your callers on behalf of your business in just the right friendly tone. There are only two big differences.

  • Your UK based  virtual receptionists work remotely, using our specialist call management software.
  • They are not your employees.

A  virtual receptionist service works just like your own reception but because we have teams of expert receptionists your customers will never be told, “Please hold, your call is important to us,” if there are suddenly lots of calls coming through. If one of your virtual receptionists is already handling a call and another call comes in, it will be simply handled by another member of your virtual team. seamlessly. And because you have subscribed to a team of professional receptionists, every call will be answered promptly.

Now if you are a business owner without any employees and you’ve been answering every call yourself, doesn’t it make sense to stop interrupting your work-day? With expert receptionists managing your calls you’ll only be interrupted by the type of  telephone calls that you prioritise for us in your instructions.

How much is a virtual receptionist?

Our virtual receptionist services have pricing based upon telephone call packages. This simply means you choose the call package that suits your needs. If you estimate you’ll usually receive 100 calls per month, then  take our 100 call package for £95 per month – and any call above your call plan will be charged at  £1  per call. How does that price suit you? It’s a small price to pay to free up your time so you can stop being your own receptionist. There are no other charges with virtualreceptionistlondon – no set up fees, no deposit fee, no deceptive charges whatsoever. Just your daily call package rate. 

How do I start a virtual receptionist?

There are a few important steps to set-up your virtual receptionist call answering. Firstly we’ll ask you how you would like your receptionists  to welcome your callers, so we can make sure that every call is promptly answered with exactly the same greeting you want. Then we will keep that welcome script in our database and use it every time your business receives calls. (You can also change your welcome any time you like).

Then we’ll ask you about your business products and services so that we can build a profile of your business for the reception team and you can inform us if you would like certain types of  calls to be transferred and you can share with us the general type of enquiries your business usually receives. But don’t worry about the process. We have many years of industry experience so we can easily guide you through the call handling implementation. We’ll also check if you’d like the call summaries to be sent by email or SMS – most of our clients prefer just an email.

Then once you’ve determined what call package would be best for your business, we can implement your free trial. Your free 7 day trial is a no obligation trial. We simply want to show you how our virtual reception service can help your business.

Our customer service team will answer all your questions and yes you can  keep your current business number if you prefer, and please don’t hesitate to ask our team everything you want to know.

How long does it take to set up a virtual receptionist?

We’ll have your new virtual receptionist team answering the incoming calls to your business within the same day. And you can scale up the service or scale it down whenever you want. One of the big advantages of virtual business services is flexibility, so you can stop the service or change it to include after work hours or only overflow calls or add in weekends – the power is with your business, just tell your virtual receptionist service what you want and we’ll be like your very own team, virtually.

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