Setting Up Your Virtual Reception Service

When you decide to sign up for our no obligation Seven Day FREE Trial, we will allocate a local London telephone number to your account. This is the telephone number that we will be answering calls from. If you are a new startup then you might want to use this as your main number while if you are an established business you will probably want to divert incoming calls to this number. Some of our customers divert their calls directly to our number while others divert after a specific number of calls. Others again simply use us for overflow calls or during really busy periods. It is all totally up to you.

Once your telephone number has been allocated you will need to decide on the greeting that is used when your callers ring. This greeting is personalised in respect of your specific account and can be changed at any time using our easy to use admin area or by using our iPhone or Android apps. If you wanted to you could have a different greeting every single day. It is all up to you. Once you have your greeting decided upon you simply need to tell us how you want to receive your messages and you are pretty well ready to go. You can either receive messages by email or SMS however with the advent of the smart phone we are finding that the majority of our customers opt for receiving their messages by email on their smart phone.

At VirtualReceptionist.London we won’t lock you in to a long term contract. Our 5,000+ worldwide customers stick with us because of our exceptional level of service and because we understand telephone answering. We won’t hit you with any expensive security deposits or set up fees and you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees if you decide to leave. You can also change your plan at any time so the service that you are receiving matches the level of business that you are doing.

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