Save and Make Money By Using a Virtual Receptionist For Your Business

Operating a business in the UK can be expensive. There are always new costs as you grow and adapt to the changing needs of your market and your customers. Change is everywhere – but so are opportunities. It is important as a business owner to seize opportunities and define your priorities according to the levers that are most important to your business.

If limiting costs AND providing excellent customer service are important priorities then you should subscribe and enjoy the benefits of a Virtual Receptionist service. It is an opportunity to leverage technological change.

How can you save and make money by using a Virtual Receptionist? Let me tell you how:

Conventional office receptions are costly. Your business has to pay for a salary and benefits  – and you are carrying those costs even when the phone is not ringing. The average cost for a receptionist is about £23,000. You also need to pay for the office space for a reception area and the furnishings and equipment. Then you’ll need to pay for support when the in-house receptionist uses their holiday entitlements or they are on sick leave, so that’s an added cost of an agency temp.

It all adds up. And if a critically important client rings before your receptionist commences work or after they leave for the day, what happens then? Will that caller be answered promptly and professionally or will the phone just keep ringing because everyone else is busy elsewhere? That could be extremely costly too.

The traditional business model of an in-house receptionist was a product of it’s time and worked well before the digital age and global connectivity, but now it is a costly folly for small and medium UK businesses.

A Virtual Receptionist Service will save money and make money for your business because you only have to pay for the calls. Simply choose a call package from virtualreceptionistlondon that suits your needs. Let’s say for example that you estimate your company receives 100 customer calls per month, then you’ll only need to pay £95 – and if there are any calls over your plan limit, we’ll just charge £1 per call. How does that compare to £23,000 plus?

And let us put your worries at ease about using our UK Virtual Reception services, you can relax and put the cost savings to more important priorities because your Virtual Receptionists will be:

  • All UK based receptionists
  • Highly experienced and well-trained
  • Using the latest call management software
  • Welcoming callers to your business from a set script defined by you
  • Part of a team, so a sudden increase in calls is never a problem
  • Filtering calls so only relevant enquiries will be processed.
  • Using just the right friendly and professional tone
  • Following your instructions on which calls to be prioritised and transferred direct to you or your executives
  • Familiar with your business services and products because you have briefed us.
  • Available after hours or weekends of 24/7 – just tell us when you want your Virtual Reception to answer your calls live
  • Answering every call live
  • Never missing a call.
  • Emailing a summary of every call

So how can our Virtual Receptionist make money for your business?

When a customer make a phone call, it’s a judgement call. They will judge:

  • How long it takes for their call to be answered.
  • If the person answering their call is a UK local and not from a faraway call centre.
  • Whether they receive the respect and response they require. (There are only a few seconds to make a good impression).

When you employ our virtual receptionists to answer calls, your business will pass the test and the caller will receive a very good impression of your business and the customer service your business offers. First impressions matter because they engender trust. Customers are much more likely to buy from your company if you respect them, and respect engenders trust.

Your business is highly unlikely to win customers and close sales leads if they call your business and they are told “Please hold, your call is important to us”, or the phone just rings on and on until a breathless voice snaps “Hello!” Or worse, “Please leave your message after the beep”.  You’ll achieve and surpass revenue targets by ensuring a friendly professional voice with just the right time is always there to promptly welcome your callers.

Your Virtual Reception will also make money for your business by being there when your customers want to call. It’s no longer simply a 9am – 5pm business world. Customers can go online to purchase goods and services at any time. And when prospective customers  want to ask questions out of hours  – don’t welcome them with a web bot that just disrespects and frustrates them.

A live local professional virtual receptionist will impress those customers that call after hours because it simply means you care about customer service. And remember, you are only paying according to your call package, you haven’t employed your own receptionist to sit in the office after everyone has gone home for the day. You have chosen the wise modern  alternative.

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