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How to cut costs and grow your Edinburgh business.

You can reduce costs and increase revenue, they are not mutually exclusive. It just needs the leadership and determination to seek out all the advantages from the latest business management developments  – and that means making technology your cost saving friend.

Now we all know that Edinburgh is a competitive city, that’s why it is successful. Competition creates new ideas and spawns new ways of managing resources. One of the new ideas that are transforming the ways we run our businesses is virtual business services.

If you need to reduce your business overheads then you really need to understand what Edinburgh virtual receptionists and Edinburgh virtual offices can do for your enterprise.

The best way to review business costs and decide what overheads and charges can be reduced or cut altogether is to analyse each cost and determine if there is a more-cost effective and viable option. New alternatives to existing products and processes are appearing all the time.

Virtual receptionist services in Edinburgh are a perfect example of new cost effective alternatives to conventional business traditions. These are not like call centres which are usually based overseas and known for very average service delivery. Your Edinburgh virtual receptionists are local, UK based. They understand Scottish business and culture. These are expert professionals answering calls on behalf of your Edinburgh business.

The tradition of a leased office space with a foyer and a receptionist sitting behind a reception desk is undergoing a transformation. When you subscribe to a virtual receptionist service in Edinburgh you are selecting a service to answer all your business calls and paying for that service with a call package that meets your requirements. How does £95 per month for a plan  of 100 calls sound to you? And if you go over 100 calls for the month, each extra call is charged at £1 per call. That’s it. No set-up fee, no deposit, nothing sleekit.

 With virtual receptionists answering phone calls on behalf of your business  your customers will think they are your own staff. But you won’t be paying a salary (usually around £25k per annum) or paying for leave entitlements and there is no need for a receptionist space and the accompanying office equipment and you don’t have to manage and supervise a receptionist employee. It’s a considerable saving for an existing business and a smart cost saving strategy for a new start-up business still developing revenue streams.

Naturally a lot of your business reputation will depend on the quality of your virtual receptionist service so be sure to use a highly respected  telephone answering service for your Scottish office. Virtual Receptionist London has been  a leader in the virtual business services  industry for more than 10 years.

The whole idea of an Edinburgh virtual reception is to reduce costs and increase revenue by never missing a call, answering every call promptly, providing live professional call answering after hours or 24/7 or whenever you need – like a net to capture those sales leads. Get the maximum benefit of using a virtual receptionist call management by choosing a great provider. Call us today, let us set up your free one week trial so you can experience the service for yourself.

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