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What a Virtual Reception can do for your Bristol Based Business.

If you are a business owner with a company in Bristol you know your market is either local or regional or international or a blend of all three. Maybe you are part of the supply chain servicing the aerospace industry or you’re a leader in evolving medical technology or you could be providing financial or legal consultancy services – whatever your business, you need to stay in touch with the changing methods of managing businesses.

One of the bigger “disrupting” transformations is virtual business services, technologically enabled services that mirror conventional business methodology – without the cost. Let me describe one of the main virtual business services, a Virtual Receptionist service. We can also call it your professional Bristol call answering service, but virtual is really a better term, you’ll see why.

What value would a Bristol Virtual Receptionist Service provide to your company?

  1. Competency and Polish.

First impressions count. When a telephone call is answered promptly, within the first ten rings, that’s the first test passed. When the voice that answers the call is friendly and professional and local, that’s the second test passed. Once you’ve created a very positive first impression, callers relax because they feel respected – that’s the opportunity to build the customer relationship. That’s what your telephone answering service provides for your Bristol business – a professional image that attracts and keeps clientele.

  • Budget Friendly – big time!

Do you know how much an in-house receptionist costs in the UK? It’s about £ 25k. Then your budget has to carry the cost of back-up when your receptionist is on holiday leave, taking their leave entitlement. Add in the cost of a reception desk and equipment plus office reception space and it starts getting pricey for a small business, especially when you and your staff still have to perform reception duties when the receptionist is out to lunch or off sick for the day. And good luck with your recruitment and training processes! But you can save all that money and stress and still provide a great customer service by using our Bristol Phone answering.

  • Save time to focus on your business 

Running a business in Bristol can be hectic. You really need to deal with the tasks that matter – and it’s so easy to get side-tracked by things that are wasting your time. The secret is to compartmentalise and place every task in a proper process so you are not spending your day like a circus juggler, running ragged. With your telephone answering service taking care of the mundane you’ll free up your time to  build your business and make the decisions that matter. With your call handling service in place you’ll only be interrupted by telephone calls that you’ve prioritising – the calls that really impact your bottom-line.

  • The Tools to Adapt.

You can start and stop or scale up or scale down your live Bristol receptionist answering service whenever you like. We don’t try to lock up  our customers with long term contracts. Month to month is fine. Maybe you only need a service at peak seasonal times during the year or perhaps you’ve build a large customer base outside the UK and you want to scale up to a live after hours service to cope with different time zones. The power is yours. You can also change the greeting script your virtual receptionists will use whenever you like –  festival greetings, special marketing announcements – whatever the image you want to present.

  • Customer Service Turbo-charged.

It doesn’t matter where your business is. You could be based in Harbourside or Park Street or you could be working from home in Horfield and using a virtual office address in the city centre. Your Bristol virtual receptionist team work remotely so wherever your business is – that’s where they’ll seem to be to your clients, just like the traditional receptionist in the office foyer, virtually. And you’ve already briefed us well about your business and services and instructed us on what calls should be prioritised and routed straight to you or your team. So your virtual receptionist team is always ready, always fresh, never flustered and each and every call will be answered promptly with exactly the same welcoming greeting you want. Then you’ll receive a free email summary of each call. That’s data gold for CRMs.

  • Experienced in UK business culture

The main problem with those big overseas call centres is that they often just don’t understand what you are talking about, and once you get past the voice prompts and finally talk to someone it never gets much better. Your Bristol virtual receptionist services are totally different. All our team are UK based. All our team are highly experienced receptionists – they have been answering calls on behalf of British health providers, design firms, law firms, plumbers, travel agents, financial advisers, real estate agents and property managers and many others. We know how to welcome business callers in just the right tone and adjust the conversation according to the callers. We are experts in call management.

  • Right by your side

No matter where you are working from or where your WFH staff are based, your Bristol Virtual receptionist team will help manage your communications. We are always here. Even if you are travelling in India or the US or Australia, your professional reception team will keep presenting a friendly professional image and representing your business. That’s one less thing to worry about. Reliability. Professionalism. Right by your side.

Give us a call at Virtual Receptionist London.  We are experts in  telephone call management with a long history of successful service  provision across lots of industries just like yours.

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