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Starting a small business means that you need to wear a number of hats. You might be the technical expert when it comes to your main business focus however you may also find that you are the IT person, the accountant, the receptionist and the sales clerk as well. The trouble is that hiring a […]

Virtual Assistants

these tasks are important, you generally find that they are repetitive and mind numbingly boring. In addition, because these tasks are occupying so much of your time you don’t get any time to focus on the really important issues in relation to your business.

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Give Information to Your Callers

Quite often people are calling you to simply get some basic information like what are your opening hours, what is your fax number, do you have an email address that I can send something to. Our receptionists can handle all of these types of calls if you want. Simply tell us what information you want […]

Direct Call Transfer From Us To Your Phone

When you set up your account in our system you can choose “available for call transfer,” from the menu. If you select this option then we will answer the incoming call and use your “Find Me” number settings (mobile, home office, hotel room, office extension etc) in order to track you down and transfer that […]

Setting Up Your Virtual Reception Service

When you decide to sign up for our no obligation Seven Day FREE Trial, we will allocate a local London telephone number to your account. This is the telephone number that we will be answering calls from. If you are a new startup then you might want to use this as your main number while if […]

Virtual Receptionists

We call our receptionists Virtual Receptionists because they are just like a conventional receptionist sitting in the reception foyer of your company – your callers won’t know the difference. A warm and welcoming local voice greeting callers promptly and professionally, isn’t that the image you want to present for your business? With a Virtual Reception […]

Professional Answering Services

Lets face it, we all hate automated message services. A recent survey that was conducted by a large telecommunications firm in Ireland found that in excess of 70% of people actually refuse to leave a message when they are directed to an automated answering service. What this means in the majority of cases is that […]

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