Starting a new business is a great journey. First Step. Don’t answer all your calls!

Know what you are good at and stick to it. When you’re building a business it’s tempting to micro-manage, but it’s also exhausting and wasteful. Answering every phone call that comes into your new business might seem important, but is it really the best use of your talents? Yes, a few customers might be charmed […]

Save and Make Money By Using a Virtual Receptionist For Your Business

Operating a business in the UK can be expensive. There are always new costs as you grow and adapt to the changing needs of your market and your customers. Change is everywhere – but so are opportunities. It is important as a business owner to seize opportunities and define your priorities according to the levers […]

Virtual Receptionist London Telephone Answering Service UK

Running a small business quite often entails wearing a lot of different hats. You need to be the salesman, the worker, the office admin and the telephone answerer. It can really distract you from working at growing your business. This is where Virtual Receptionist London can help. We can take over your telephone answering while […]

Virtual Receptionist London has been providing virtual solutions for businesses since 2017. We have helped many business owners achieve their dreams by making effective use of cloud-based services for telephone answering. Research shows that 60% of callers will hang up if a real person doesn’t answer their call. Virtual Receptionist London adds value for our […]

Advantages of hiring

Virtual Receptionist London – About Us

Support At An Executive Level

Here at VirtualReceptionist.London we make use of the internet and cutting edge IT technology to deliver a first rate executive level support experience to you the customer. Our VA’s are experienced with a broad range of software applications and can carry out a range of PA type tasks such as maintaining spreadsheets, diary management plus […]

Enquiry Handling

Need someone to handle incoming customer queries? It may be a question about a particular product or about a marketing campaign. It may be something as simple as advising customers of your address or where they can get your products. Our custom built platform lets us store a broad range of information relaevant to your […]

Information Is King

When you utilise a a virtual assistant from us then you are able to outsource a lot of the time consuming jobs involved in gathering that information. Our VA’s can call your current customers and take them through a questionnaire. They can then also assist them by filling in web-forms to enter that data. This […]

Only Pay For What You Use

When you take on a VA from VirtualReceptionist.London you don’t have to worry about the ups and downs during the day. If there is no work to be done then you don’t get charged, easy as that. Our assistants are charged out by the minute so there is virtually no idle time. You don’t have […]

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